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Two PING Private Placement Programs

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Post time11:26 09-04-2008

Two Excellent Private Placement Programs available from different providers

For both of these Private Placement Programs funds are pinged or scanned electronically and do NOT have to be blocked.

In past years many have asked and looked for this kind of program to avoid the inconvenience of moving funds and to avoid the banking  service charges to pay for fund blocking via MT760 but ping programs have rarely been available.

Provider One:

PING program which pays an excellent one time 1000% gross profit after 30 days. FOR USA – CANADA – WESTERN EUROPEAN BASED ACCOUNTS

Minimum investment is USD$1 million. There is no set maximum. Funds stay in the client's own sole signatory account and are not moved. Bank must be a large bank in USA, Canada or Western Europe. Interested parties in other locations of the world must have their account in a major bank in one of those locations otherwise they cannot participate. Funds are not blocked. They are pinged or scanned electronically. After May 1, 2008, the minimum may be changed to USD$50 million

Provider Two:

The trader doing this ping program has advised he can service a client with funds in any bank  in the world as long as they are on the SWIFT System. There are actually no SWIFT communications required however if a bank does not have that facility then it will also almost certainly not be possible to “ping” funds on deposit at that bank. Funds will remain in the client’s own bank account and do not have to be moved.  They do NOT have to be blocked.  They are scanned or pinged daily to ensure that funds have not been moved.

The funds are preferred in USD and EURO but can be in ANY currency

There are two categories as follows:

USD$10 million (or equivalent) to $99 million (or equivalent).  One year program.  Pays net profits of 20% to 30% per week.  Paid weekly.

USD$100 million (or equivalent) to $500 million (or equivalent).  One year program.  Either, Pays net profits of 100% or more per week.  OR a  30 day program pays a very large profit at the end of 30 days.

For either of above we only deal with the owner of the funds. Any intermediaries will be protected for fees but must step aside

To request draft intake documents and additional information please send an email to

Any inquiry not including name and full contact details will not receive a reply.


Post time14:17 01-06-2008


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Post time10:46 24-02-2012

I suggest to buy a very favorable "mortgage instrument" to get the
credit (500,000,000 EURO)

I suggest to buy a very favorable "mortgage instrument" to get the credit.
Pay 0.4% of the appraised value of goods you will get a first-class
product with an estimate of 500,00,000 euros to obtain a loan secured
by this product. More information is available on request to е - mail
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Enter details of your company to draft a contract.


Post time13:00 10-11-2012

Hello Sir/MA,
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[8]Property Loan & Mortgage

Contact the below if you are interested.
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Jasim Omar


Post time16:33 12-07-2013

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